Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do You Know Who Is Doing Your SEO?

The major American company JC Penney tripped up while using an SEO company to boost its natural hunting outcomes last year . It highlights the importance of knowing just what your own option of SEO company is doing to help your website better in the rankings.

Within the wide realm of SEO tactics that are frequently used to help web sites better their situations in the search rankings, considerably come across two broad types of tactics that SEO companies focus on.

All the best and most dependable companies will just always habituate white hat SEO techniques . These are the ones that are allowed to be used and will consequently not do any harm to the websites using them. However the other breed of search engine optimisation companies too uses black hat proficiencies. If you want your website to do well and not go down foul of Google and any of the other main search engines, you want to avoid using any kind of black hat proficiencies at all.

This is what the US company JC Penney has learned to its detriment over the last few calendar weeks. Apparently the SEO company JC Penney was using was happy to get them to the top of the hunting outcomes by focusing on the bad ways to get the job done. Gratuitous to say when Google got wind of it they punished the site and now it is very difficult to find JC Penney in the natural hunting outcomes. Theyre pages down and while they are still performing considerably in paid huntings, they have got a lot of work to do to get back up to page one territory once again.

It begs the question of how considerably citizenries enquiry any likely SEO Company they are thinking of using. Every such company will claim to get first class results from their attempts, and of course this is what you want. But you need to unwrap how they are going to get those solutions for you. The best companies will be only too happy to reply any questions you might have. You should automatically be wary of any companies that dont reveal how they get things done, or what techniques they use.

After all it is your business they will be advancing, and you want to be sure you can get the solutions you want. Its all very well to get great solutions for a few months. But if you are going to end up getting banished from the search engines in all in a few months from right away, how glad are you likely to be that you went with that company in the first place? .

Its graspable that you desire to get going and get the results you want at one time you have your budget in place and you want to place in results . But dont be overly eager to bound into activity with a company you know little about. Doing your due diligence and performing checks on their techniques beforehand is nothing more than common sense.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Apax Partners, the reputed private equity firm seems all set to buy out the cleaning company ISS for a mind boggling $8.5 billion. This sum is simply too huge and serious. Apax is a London based firm while ISS is Danish.

The emerging reports have actually seen people literally get excited as to which way this deal is finally heading to. Now even top lawyers have got involved into the matter and the dealing is still in its early stages, but then very much on. The deal if passed is being looked at, as the largest leveraged buyout of this year.

Legal Week, the UK legal publication went on to state the fact that Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett are the name that are already on board as the advisory group to help out Apax with the deal.

M&A have been working with APAX for some time now. They had done a deal before as well when APAX needed to buy out Tivit, the Brazilian computer service company, which was a one billion dollars deal. Apax had also got the fashion magnet label Tommy Hilfiger about four years ago for as much as $1.6 billion.

Even as the firm’s quest or rather conquest of acquiring one giant company after other continues, the Danish based Gorrissen Federspiel is advising ISS cleaning company. Among other talks being that the giant company Apax is looking at generating a massive $14.5 billion to fund acquisitions in the coming time.

While all said and done, it does indeed definitely look like Apax should be able to successfully buy out the cleaning company, for now one may just wait and watch.

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Now here it is again, the all famous “outsourcing to India” topic which had taken the entire US by storm, quite literally after all the major MNCs started to outsource call centers jobs to India and the common people cried foul. what with the ever increasing number of jobless people in their own country.

But then none may deny the fact that this would save a lot of money either ways. There have been some serious considerations of outsourcing the British National Health Service (NHS) jobs to India. But then this might again not go down well with the people of Great Britain. Prime Minster David Cameron’s coalition government is actually considering this way for they are looking at desperately doing about £20-billion savings. If the plan is followed however this would have UK patients calling their own practitioners but then via India.

This is how they would have to fix an appointment with their doctors. NHS Shared Business Service (SBS) managing director John Neilson actually praised and lauded the Indian workers for their quality of services and dedication no less. It is a known fact that this is bound to be very much not favored by the British, but then millions of pounds could be effortlessly saved.

On part of the Indian call centre workers however, how would they be able to cope with the angry and desperate, at time seven cursing British people, is another story altogether. It is bound to be difficult on them, the Indian workers that is.

NHS Shared Business Services has already, to date, helped NHS in saving a good £50m and over. At the end of the day they seem to be looking at getting the best possible deals and value for money to the English tax payers. As of now, the SBS has about seven hundred employees in India.

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Airport operator BAA got some heavy criticism coming in from airlines post its refusal to help them out as far as cleaning of the huge snow left over at the airport was concerned. It made flying off and landing impossible. The snow this year is bound to be absolutely ruthless as the winter is recorded as being one of the harshest in the past two decades.

In fact in quite a few places records have been broken. Travelling in the holiday season has become a big pain fro people, with hurdles and obstacles everywhere. Be it by road, rail or air, the snowfall is causing trouble no ends.

Under the circumstances when someone acts rather arrogant and unhelpful, he is bound to get the flank of one and all. Heathrow airport on the 20th and 21st of December 2010, had to haplessly cancel two thirds of flights. But had Heathrow operator BAA helped out in the cleaning of the snow from the aircraft stands, then normal services could have resumed earlier than it did, in fact much earlier.

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The snow had to be cleaned off manually and there were simply not enough people at the place to help do so quickly. The BAA continued to refuse any help and lend a hand. In the mean while, people had to do with waiting at the airport and passengers were dismayed no ends. The chief executive of BAA, Colin Matthews promised that he would fully look into the matter and deal with the problem as to whatever it is.

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The whole lot of cleaners in Athens seems to be very angry and hell bent of getting their answers after a person fell from the third floor of the Labor Ministry building while cleaning the windows. It seems like he lost his balance while cleaning and fell of unfortunately which turned out to be rather fatal in his case. This has led to mass protests from the cleaners’ union on Korai Street in central Athens at 6 p.m on the 28th of December 2010.

Asiz Emad was the unfortunate victim who fell to his death on the 19th of December 2010. He was an Egyptian immigrant and a father of four. The Radical Left (SYRIZA) MP Michalis Kritsotakis was perhaps the one who brought things to the notice of the common people when he raised a question about the window cleaner’s death.

The Labor Inspectorate in the mean while answered that it didn’t make any such announcement because the employee who would have to deal with the situation was actually on a vacation. The contractor however is under the scanner already and is looking at severe punishment if found guilty.

The contractor is responsible for cleaning the building and if in this case he is found to be flouting any of the rules then he would be punished accordingly. The Attica Union of Cleaners (PEKOP) that has gone absolutely serious and angry on the matter is looking for answers from the ministry and simply won’t settle down for anything unconvincing it seems.

Constantina Kuneva, was a Bulgarian cleaner who had her face badly disfigured because of an acid attack back in 2008. She stands strong as an example to the many other especially the immigrated workers who are exploited inhumanly by the cleaning companies.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Safety Check

When it comes to dealing with safety issues one should be well prepared in advance while on his way out of the house. Right from carrying a portable small First-Aid Box to gloves, masks, and other Personal Protective Equipments, a prepared person never does a bad choice of being so.

The quality of these products is simply finest and people basically may chose between lasting masks and innumerable types of disposable masks. For a number of different activities and circumstances there are also number of different protection kits and individual products.

A variety of gloves made of the finest material and quality gives a firm grip on things and looks good on our hands none the less.

There are First Aid Boxes that come in different kinds from the mini boxes for a single person while there are other 50 Person First Aid Boxes that may be used for treating a vast number of injured people like while heading for a picnic or some trip which sees a lot of people going together.

There are other specific products for railway and underground workers comprising of Hi Viz jackets, trousers and hard hats for head protection among other things.
There is also an array of protective footwear, goggles, ear hearing protections, head protections and other PPEs.

These products do definitely come of use at some important point or the other in our lives. Thus being ready with these protection gears and sets is always better then getting hurt oneself and not to mention missing out on the opportunity to immediately treat a hurt person near you.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steel Cleaning made easy with Blast Cleaning

Steel is widely used in constructional purposes, cutlery etc. The metal because of its qualities suits every industry. Its corrosion resistance, shine effect and toughness make it one of the most sort after metal in use.

Steel is being widely used in construction of buildings, factories, hotels etc. Steel beams are stronger and cost effective when compared to other metals. These beams are easy to transport, eco friendly, fire proof and do not ask for much maintenance. So using steel is a convenient option for the builders as well as the people who use them for various purposes.

Steel is a low maintenance metal no doubt but it needs proper cleaning and care in order to serve the purpose. Steel cutlery and artifacts can be cleaned easily using soap and water but this cannot be done in case huge industrial equipments, architectural structures and so on. The dirt and dust these accumulate is huge and if not cleaned on time they give a bad look and damage the metal. Blast cleaning is one of the easiest and safest methods of cleaning steel.

In the process of blast cleaning sand is thrown with a high velocity on the surface. The sand hits the surface so hard that it removes the dust, stains, and leaves behind a clean surface. This technique is used while cleaning steel. The sand blast cleaning process does not involve use of any chemical and thus no damage is caused to the steel surface.

Sand blast cleaning is reliable and quick. It is a professional cleaning process and is used on a large scale to clean up buildings, staircases etc and makes them look brand new. Steel as a metal is known for its shine, which dust and dirt can take away, with sand blasting this, will never happen.

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