Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steel Cleaning made easy with Blast Cleaning

Steel is widely used in constructional purposes, cutlery etc. The metal because of its qualities suits every industry. Its corrosion resistance, shine effect and toughness make it one of the most sort after metal in use.

Steel is being widely used in construction of buildings, factories, hotels etc. Steel beams are stronger and cost effective when compared to other metals. These beams are easy to transport, eco friendly, fire proof and do not ask for much maintenance. So using steel is a convenient option for the builders as well as the people who use them for various purposes.

Steel is a low maintenance metal no doubt but it needs proper cleaning and care in order to serve the purpose. Steel cutlery and artifacts can be cleaned easily using soap and water but this cannot be done in case huge industrial equipments, architectural structures and so on. The dirt and dust these accumulate is huge and if not cleaned on time they give a bad look and damage the metal. Blast cleaning is one of the easiest and safest methods of cleaning steel.

In the process of blast cleaning sand is thrown with a high velocity on the surface. The sand hits the surface so hard that it removes the dust, stains, and leaves behind a clean surface. This technique is used while cleaning steel. The sand blast cleaning process does not involve use of any chemical and thus no damage is caused to the steel surface.

Sand blast cleaning is reliable and quick. It is a professional cleaning process and is used on a large scale to clean up buildings, staircases etc and makes them look brand new. Steel as a metal is known for its shine, which dust and dirt can take away, with sand blasting this, will never happen.

Mobile sandblasting in London is our key service. Blastit Limited offers wide range of mobile blast cleaning services including beam cleaning, steel cleaning, turbine cleaning and osmosis treatment.

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