Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The whole lot of cleaners in Athens seems to be very angry and hell bent of getting their answers after a person fell from the third floor of the Labor Ministry building while cleaning the windows. It seems like he lost his balance while cleaning and fell of unfortunately which turned out to be rather fatal in his case. This has led to mass protests from the cleaners’ union on Korai Street in central Athens at 6 p.m on the 28th of December 2010.

Asiz Emad was the unfortunate victim who fell to his death on the 19th of December 2010. He was an Egyptian immigrant and a father of four. The Radical Left (SYRIZA) MP Michalis Kritsotakis was perhaps the one who brought things to the notice of the common people when he raised a question about the window cleaner’s death.

The Labor Inspectorate in the mean while answered that it didn’t make any such announcement because the employee who would have to deal with the situation was actually on a vacation. The contractor however is under the scanner already and is looking at severe punishment if found guilty.

The contractor is responsible for cleaning the building and if in this case he is found to be flouting any of the rules then he would be punished accordingly. The Attica Union of Cleaners (PEKOP) that has gone absolutely serious and angry on the matter is looking for answers from the ministry and simply won’t settle down for anything unconvincing it seems.

Constantina Kuneva, was a Bulgarian cleaner who had her face badly disfigured because of an acid attack back in 2008. She stands strong as an example to the many other especially the immigrated workers who are exploited inhumanly by the cleaning companies.

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